A Look Back at Dawson

After a whirlwind of transcribing activity far faster than Florence, the Dawson has complete keyings and we are moving on. But as we leave Dawson for the moment, we wanted to share a video of unboxing the the manuscript in the Folger Library reading room. It’s a lovely, slim volume with several recipes marked with Jane’s name, plus a do-si-dos structure. 

2 thoughts on “A Look Back at Dawson

  1. When we opened the book, we found a pin inserted that did not seem to have been used to attach another paper. Caroline Duroselle-Melish, in a recentFolger Crocodile Mystery entry ( “A Pin’s Worth” ) wrote they were often used as bookmarks in prayer books or how to books, and signs of the heavy use of that specific page – so we might have found Jane Dawson’s most useful/used recipe!

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