Come Join Us for Investigating Recipes Transcribathon (11/4)!

EMROC is excited to be partnering with the Wellcome Library and the Royal College of Physicians for its Fall transcribathon, set for November 4. We’ll be virtually celebrating EMROC’s tenth anniversary, and we invite you all to mark the occasion with transcription!

This year, we’ll be transcribing Mary Hawker’s manuscript (MS 9304) from the Wellcome Collection, and  a collection of medical receipts and prescriptions (MS 502) from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in London. The Folger will be providing support via the FromthePage transcription interface.

Experts on recipe manuscripts — Rachel Rich, Edith Snook, and Tim Underhill — will be onhand to discuss their video presentations on November 4 as well. Click here to register for their talks,  and see the schedule for below.

To take part in transcribing, there’s no need to register in advance, but if you’d like to attend the November 4 talks from the Wellcome, please sign up here. This page will offer quick info on preparing to use FromThePage on the day.

To learn about Mary Hawker’s manuscript from the Wellcome, check out these links:

  • A video tour of the Hawker manuscript, including glimpses of foreign recipes, medicinal recipes, and edits to recipes. 

To learn about the Royal College of Physicians MS 502, check out the RCP Transcribathon Page, where you can tour the manuscript and read up on snails in medical recipes. And while you’re at it, check out these blog posts from the Pamela Forde of the RCP:

PDF Version


  • 7 AM EDT/ 4 AM PDT / 11 AM GMT: Transcription Begins! We’ll start the day out tweeting about what we find in the manuscript, and with tips for getting going.  Get ready to transcribe here. Join us with the hashtags #EMROCTranscribes and #EMROCis10
  • 11 AM EDT / 8 AM PDT / 3 PM GMT: Live Q&A with presenting scholars via Zoom link, available via the Wellcome Eventbrite page.
  • 3 PM EST / 12 PM PDT/ 7 PM GMT:  Zoom Room closes 


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3 thoughts on “Come Join Us for Investigating Recipes Transcribathon (11/4)!

  1. I’m new to transcribathons but thought I’d mention that there is no link to here. This means there is nowhere to register interest apart from the eventbrite pages. Also, today when I created my fromthepage account, I could only find emroc 2021. I’m sure this is still to come but if it weren’t for a helpful colleague at Wellcome, I would have been put off already.

    1. Hi Tacey, thanks for your interest! There is no need to register interest ahead of time — it really is just drop by and join in. We can’t make our transcription links public ahead of time, which is why you can only see 2021 right now. People tend to start transcribing as soon as a document is opened, which is great in terms of enthusiasm, but does mean that we wouldn’t be working collaboratively on the transcription at the same time.

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