The Winche Project

Transcribers The Winche manuscript was entirely transcribed (tripled-keyed) during our October 2015 transcribathon. The event took place at the Universities of Akron, Essex, Texas (Arlington) and Saskatchewan, the Folger Shakespeare Library, the Huntington Library, the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science and elsewhere on planet earth! For a list of transcribers, go here. … Continue reading The Winche Project

Rebeckah Winche and The King’s Evil

By Jordan Ivie Rebeckah Winche’s receipt book (Folger Vb 366) includes three recipes on page 62 that relate to the King’s Evil, one that detects the malady and two that cure it. These recipes consist of many ingredients that seem strange to the modern reader, including the leg of a live toad, turpentine, and worms; … Continue reading Rebeckah Winche and The King’s Evil

The Winche Manuscript: What’s Next?

By Rebecca Laroche Ninety-three transcribers! 208 pages triple-keyed! Tweets and stewed pigeons, chocolate and perfume, what a marvelous transcribathon we had!  So what’s next? First, comes collation and vetting, as well as an answer to a question that has probably been burning for many of you: “Why so many keyings?” Having three keyings expedites and … Continue reading The Winche Manuscript: What’s Next?

Transcribathon 2019: An Anonymous Medical Text

5 November 2019Folger Manuscript V.b.400:Transcribing Anonymous Medicine Please join the Early Modern Recipe Online Collective (EMROC) for our fifth annual international Transcribathon, as we make an anonymous early modern medical recipe manuscript searchable for users around the globe. We will have transcription groups working in at least a dozen locations, on three continents, with individuals … Continue reading Transcribathon 2019: An Anonymous Medical Text