Transcribathon 2015: The Winche Project

On 7 October 2015, over a hundred volunteer transcribers from across the globe worked together to create a complete keying of Folger Manuscript v.b.366, Rebeckah Winche’s recipe book. These pages served as home base for those who devoted their time … Continue reading

The Winche Project

Transcribers The Winche manuscript was entirely transcribed (tripled-keyed) during our October 2015 transcribathon. The event took place at the Universities of Akron, Essex, Texas (Arlington) and Saskatchewan, the Folger Shakespeare Library, the Huntington Library, the Max Planck Institute for the … Continue reading

Rebeckah Winche and The King’s Evil

By Jordan Ivie Rebeckah Winche’s receipt book (Folger Vb 366) includes three recipes on page 62 that relate to the King’s Evil, one that detects the malady and two that cure it. These recipes consist of many ingredients that seem … Continue reading

The Winche Manuscript: What’s Next?

By Rebecca Laroche Ninety-three transcribers! 208 pages triple-keyed! Tweets and stewed pigeons, chocolate and perfume, what a marvelous transcribathon we had!  So what’s next? First, comes collation and vetting, as well as an answer to a question that has probably … Continue reading

Transcribathon Banquet

  Please join us virtually for our 3rd annual online Transcribathon on Tuesday, November 7, where we will have a number of texts available for transcription. In the past two Transcribathons, we have worked only on one text, Rebeckah Winche … Continue reading

What constitutes a diet drink?

Written by Solveig Roervik While transcribing the Ann Fanshawe manuscript, I came upon a drink called a diet drink. Because of the way the ingredients were suspended in liquid, the recipe resembled a modern herb tea, but in two other manuscripts … Continue reading

Past Transcribathons

Since 2015, EMROC has sponsored at least one transcribathon every year. Our blog features postings written during these marathon transcription sessions, as well as ruminations on the experience after the fact. Our website offers instructions and guidelines to participants during … Continue reading


Transcribathons are one of the centerpieces of our activities. EMROC organizes two events per year – a international transcribathon in the fall and a student-organised mini-transcribathon in the spring. Our next transcribathon will take place on 7 November of 2017. … Continue reading

EMROC’s Coming Up Roses in 2016

By Rebecca Laroche Once again, EMROC enters a new term filled with exciting discoveries and steady progress toward our collective goals. Through our teaching and research, we look to transcribe, vet, and tag as well as present our findings and … Continue reading

Medicine in the Granville Family Manuscript (Folger Va 340)

By Amanda Torres With a receipt titled, “A Receipt to take away the red spots out of the Face after the small pox are gone,” one has to wonder the intention behind offering such a promise. Was this particular disease … Continue reading