EM Paleography Society

Welcome to the Early Modern Paleography Society (EMPS), a campus organization of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. We are a group of students interested in the transcription and study of early modern manuscript recipe books.

Organized in 2015, and having hosted three annual transcribathons, Early Modern Paleography Society (EMPS) members aim to:

  • facilitate the teaching and practice of paleography and transcription;
  • disseminate interdisciplinary perspectives of early modern manuscripts;
  • facilitate networking amongst students, faculty, and community members with interest in paleography and transcription;
  • provide a platform for students, faculty, and community members to contribute to new and ongoing academic databases;
  • bring paleography to the people!

While EMPS began at UNC Charlotte, we are interested in collaborating with students at other campuses in the formation of additional branches of EMPS and in joining with them in the ongoing work related to paleography and the study of early modern recipe books.

For more information about EMPS at UNC Charlotte, please contact Dr. Jennifer Munroe.

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