Farmer’s Cheese

Inspiration: Folger Manuscript V.a. 563, Medicinal, household and cookery receipts dating in manuscript begun in the seventeenth century with additions in the eighteenth century.


To make a great Cheese

Take six Gallons of new milke and a
Gallon at Lest of Cream and Sett it A
Runing as hot as w[a]rme from the cow and
Breke it Sofe as Possable you Can and
Geather it with your hand and Lett of
the wey [whey] as Soon as you can from and
wreng in the wreng as dry as Possable
you Can and then take it of and
Breck in the tub with 2 handfulls of Sale [Salt]
and halfe a pint of Cream as small
as if it wear for Chese cake