The OCC Culinary Team

The classes that supported the Shakespeare Luncheon include: FNH130 Dining Room & Beverage Management; FNH150 Baking & Pastry I; FNH170 American Regional Cuisine; FNH240 Convention, Meeting, and Event Management; FNH241 Catering & Banquet Operations; and FNH272 International Cuisine.  

The students in these classes performed a multitude of tasks, throughout the days leading to the event; which allowed for the successful preparation, production, and presentation of each item on the menu.  Our cast of characters are listed below:


Krystal Carver Nakia Randleman  

Ma’Kayla Dulaney    Phoenix Rogers
Bibiana Gutierrez-Leon  Kennedy Ryan
John Hall      Phil Smith
Artesia Isaac-Adams      Bailey Spillers
Alex McCord     McKenzi Tatum
Matthew Rabbitt      Taylor Turner
Beth Racz

Timothy Warren



Chef Bill Powell 
Chef Ed Gozdowski
Leah Neff    
Robert Wagner
Chef Amy Morford
Steve Williams
Sierra Wcislek