We are currently working with undergraduate and graduate students and volunteers across multiple campuses to transcribe a variety of recipe books, including those of Johanna St. John, Anne Fanshawe, Frances Catchmay, Margaret Baker, Margaret Turner, Mrs. Corlyon, Lettice Pudsey, and Elizabeth Bulkeley. Our 2015 Transcribathon resulted in a full transcription of Rebeckah Winche’s, 2016’s in Grace Castleton’s,  2018’s in Jane Dawson’s receipt books.  2017’s led to the completion of several others.

We currently use Dromio, the Folger Shakespeare Library’s transcription platform, to complete our transcriptions. Previously, we used the Textual Communities Platform in our classrooms.  All completed transcriptions are encoded by basic XML tagging, adhere to the standards of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) and are double-keyed.

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