How to Encode your Dromio Transcription – A Quick Reference

It is important to select the letter(s) or word with your cursor that you wish to encode first, then apply the encoding tag. Click on an appropriate button from the menu to apply it to the selected text. The style of the text changes as you encode it (i.e. deleted text appears as strikethrough). To remove an encoding, select the text and click on the button that applied the encoding; this will remove it. You can also switch to <xml> view and delete the actual angle brackets of the encoding.

Common early modern brevigraphs (abbreviated text) have their own buttons (ye=the, yt=that, yr=your, wth=with, and wch=which). Simply click on the appropriate button to insert the abbreviated word into the transcription.

The window has two views, HTML and XML. You can switch between HTML and XML by toggling the <xml>/HTML button.

You can apply more than one XML tag to a section of text e.g., a manuscript page could call for encoding “To the Earl of Leicester” as both a heading and a name (<heading>To the <name>Earl of Leicester</name></heading>). If you get an error message, switch to the XML view where you can view the actual encoding tags in brackets.

Click the Save button frequently to save your work. Please select Done only when you have completed transcribing and encoding the entire page.


  1. PLEASE NOTE: we will be using semi-diplomatic convention for our transcription; the details are included in the ? button window.
  2. As you transcribe, you will highlight certain words for which there is a relevant button (highlight the word, then click the button).
  3. In addition to transcribing the written content of the page, you will also use the tags appearing on the top three rows of the Dromio input box. To tag, you will highlight the word/s and click the button/s as appropriate.
  4. Click the “Save” button periodically as you transcribe. When you have finished the transcription, click the “Done” link in the transcription window.
  5. Find a new page in Dromio and repeat. Please be sure that your new page has either 0 or 1 transcriptions completed.

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