Getting Started with Transcription: The Carteret Manuscript

To jump right in to Transcribing:

  1. Sign in to your account at FromThePage. If you don’t have an account, click the “Sign Up Now” button here to get one.
  2. Go to this Google Sheet to choose a page to transcribe. Claim your page according to the instructions, click the Page Link, and start transcribing! Just remember to his “Save Changes” often.

Helpful Links:

FAQ about transcribing and info on FromthePage. Also, please remember that FromthePage has transcription tips below the manuscript image on every page.

Sample Transcription (to see a model of a “typical” page).

Helpful handouts on trancription, courtesy of Liza Blake.

Folgerpedia page with FromthePage transcription conventions and Dromio crosswalk.

Other key links

EMROC blog (for quick and dirty blog posts as things happen, as well as more thoughtful posts later)

Twitter (for those of us live-tweeting the event, at #EMROCtranscribes)