Transcribathon 2017: A Banquet of Books

Third Annual EMROC Transcribathon

7 November 2017

A Banquet of Books

Please join the Early Modern Recipe Online Collective (EMROC) for our third annual Transcribathon. We will have transcription groups working in at least a dozen locations, on three continents, with individuals coming and going virtually throughout the day.

Using the Folger Shakespeare Library’s online transcription platform Dromio, we’ll collaborate to transcribe three seventh-century manuscripts, by Margaret Baker, Susannah Packe, and Letitia Cromwell. Beginners might want to start with Baker and Packe; Cromwell, with its mix of hands, will appeal more to those with experience.

Along the way, participants will virtually meet scholars from around the world and emerge from the day with a line for their CV—all from their own home, classroom, or office! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY – we’ll walk you through the coding and offer pointers on the handwriting.

On this page, please find a series of resources to orient, help, and inform.

Using Dromio 101 for the 2017 Transcribathon. Dromio is our transcription platform. It’s intuitive and super easy to use.

Glossary of XML buttons. Dromio has a number of XML buttons. Here is a handy list of what they do.

Encoding in XML – A Quick Reference

Key links

EMROC blog (for quick and dirty blog posts as things happen, as well as more thoughtful posts later)

Twitter (for those of us live-tweeting the event, at #EMROCtranscribes)

Dromio FAQ (for questions about using tags, and much else)

Sample Transcription from Winche Manuscript (to see a model of a “typical” page)