Event Schedule for 2021 Transcribathon

So much is going on during our March 4 Transcribathon! Here’s a quick look, and feel free to drop in on whatever events interest you.

8am to 4pm EST;    1PM to 9 PM GMT; 5am to 1PM PST

EMROC Zoom Room

Have questions about the text, or just want to talk as you transcribe? Click here for access to our Zoom Room: https://essex-university.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUvceqpqjMpGNdB3DpU4FkNao2IYR72IxRP

9:00-9:30 am EST (2:00-2:30 pm GMT)

RCP Twitter takeover

Felix, assistant archivist at the RCP, will be on hand @RCPMuseum from 2-2.30pm to chat about Lady Sedley’s recipe book and the RCP’s other amazing archives, so do feel free to get in touch. Happy transcribing!

10am-noon EST (3-5 pm GMT)

Revealing Recipes online talks and events

Check out the revised schedule of brief talks, below, hosted by the Wellcome Collection. You can learn about the manuscripts and transcription from EMROC members and librarians. Just click here to sign up and get the link to attend.


  • The Wellcome recipe collection (Richard Aspin, former Head of Special Collections at Wellcome Collection)​
  • The power of remedy books for the modern reader (Helen Wakely, Inclusive Collections Lead, Wellcome Collection)​
  • Household medicinal recipes (Anne Stobart, University of Exeter)​
  • BREAK​
  • Digitizing the recipe books (Christy Henshaw, Digital Production Manager, Wellcome Collection)​
  • Conserving recipe books (Elizabeth Fagg-Shuttlewood , Conservator, Wellcome Collection)​
  • EMROC and transcribing as a teaching resource (Jennifer Munroe, Professor of English, University of North Carolina and co-founder of EMROC)​
  • Q&A​ (all panellists including Pamela Forde, Head of Archives at the Royal College of Physicians, London)