Subject Hashtags for 2019 Transcribathon

We encourage transcribers to tweet about their findings as they work through the manuscript, showing everyone where they see that the following hashtags are appropriate to the manuscript and its recipes. The idea here is that transcribers will tweet about recipes or manuscript sections that fit these tags, and that users would be able to trace those tags throughout our day of transcription. It also generates a social media presence for #EMROCtranscribes, as well as usable data. The team leaders may then follow up with their findings in the EMROC blog-space and other venues.

#AnimalProducts – Hashtag team leader, Jennifer Park, UNC Greensboro

The goal for #AnimalProducts is to open up conversation not only about what counts as an “animal product,” but also to engage new intersectional questions that such a category prompts. What does thinking about #AnimalProducts tell us about the significance of time, place, and context for ingredients? Do human products count? How might the category of #AnimalProducts challenge other categorical divisions?

#daytodayskin – Hashtag team leader, the Renaissance Skin Project, Kings College London

Towards the end of this manuscript a cluster of recipes address a variety of injuries to and  conditions on the skin. From warts and bruises, to dog bites and white scruff, these open up an interesting window onto the day-to-day concerns of householders with minor skin problems, and the domestic cures used to treat them. Using #daytodayskin @renskinkcl aims to think through the broad category of domestic skin care and see how far it can extend

#EMROCSnack – Hashtag team leaders, the EMROC Steering Committee

#EMROCSnack – as in Social Networks and Community Knowledge – tags two sorts of comments about collaboration: 1) instances where the Transcribathon manuscript makes the manuscript’s connections to its own social and knowledge networks clear, and 2) instances where we, today, are reminded of the importance of our own collaborive networks.

#feministOED – Hashtag team leaders, the EMROC Steering Committee

The tag #feministOED explores issues of regularisation and modernisation of early modern texts and how our current resources, modelled on Shakespeare and other male authors, are a poor fit for women’s writing. Throughout the day, we will use #feministOED  to mark out words and spellings common in our manuscript sources but not in resources like the OED or VARD.

#materialhealthtech – Hashtag team leader, Elaine Leong, University College London

Recipe writers often advise the use of everyday technologies made of specific materials such paper plaisters, glass stills or earthen pots. #materialhealthtech explores the sociomaterial meanings afforded to quotidian health technologies. Tag recipes using tools made of paper, glass, leather, linen, cloth, clay, brass, tin etc. to get this conversation started!

#textures – Hashtag team leader, Marissa Nicosia, Penn State Abington  

A hashtag for all things slippery, sticky, scratchy, and smooth. Tag recipes that describe the texture of ingredients and finished mixtures as well as recipes that invoke the bodily sensations of handling and consuming the gelatinous, woven, granular, abrasive, ragged, curdled, and viscous.